(Photo via Flickr)

As a devout soccer fan for as long as I can remember, it has been a true pleasure covering and portraying U.S. soccer culture on this blog. Although I have finished covering the scenes and scenery of Philadelphia soccer, I may return in the future analyzing and covering soccer or any other major sport. Thanks for following me throughout this journey, I hope you enjoyed my articles as much as I enjoyed creating them.

As much as I am passionate about soccer, the MLS is rather unfamiliar territory. I learned about, and observed the soccer culture in this country just as much as the readers of this blog. Soccer is not only present, but is flourishing and expanding all across the U.S. and in places where few would imagine to look. Time will tell how big the sport will develop, but as I observed myself, the future seems optimistic. In the meantime, I learned various journalism techniques which can help, and be incorporated into my material in order to give a full representation of what I am trying to transmit to my readers whether it be photos, videos, graphs, or audio interviews. The learning curve wasn’t as easy as I expected, but in time I hope to hone my skills.

Five best posts in my opinion:

1) The PPL Park and Philadelphia Union Experience

2) The North London Derby in Philadelphia

3) The Numbers Don’t Lie

4) Mike Hiddi Talks Arsenal Philadelphia

5) Ready Set….Strike!


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