Photo by Ioannis Moutsis

Photo by Ioannis Moutsis

The soccer culture of Philadelphia is not limited to PPL Park, or the mainstream pubs of Philadelphia. If one looks hard enough, soccer chants, jerseys, and a few expletives directed towards some official of the game, can be spotted in any corner of Philadelphia.

Vasilis Ikonomou’s family owns the Pontian Society Akritai club located in Upper Darby Philadelphia. Vasili helps serve customers who want to dig in to some lamb chops and tzatziki, helps his parents organize live music events, and much more. But his presence on Sundays is a top priority.

While the private club caters to local Greeks with live music and food, Sundays are best known as “football day.” The club’s doors are open on Sundays from sunrise, until there are no more fixtures to watch on television. By at least 9 a.m. the coffee is brewing, and the beers caps are popping, and Vasili, a soccer fan himself, wouldn’t have it any other way. The fans are passionate about the sport ,and Vasili talks about the story behind the glaring eyes stuck on the television screen for hours on end.


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