My name is Ioannis Moutsis and I have been a passionate soccer fan for as long as I can remember. This blog will follow and depict the everyday lives of soccer fans throughout the city of Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley. Although the sport plays second fiddle to other major American sports, soccer fans can be located anywhere across the globe and those in the U.S. provide a story worth telling. From waking up in the early a.m to watch their favorite European team, to helping promote the sport of soccer within their community as the Sons of Ben did by helping to bring a professional MLS soccer team to Philadelphia.

I will cover spectacular events such as Philadelphia Arsenal fans living and watching the North London Derby against Tottenham as if they were born and raised outside the team’s stadium in London, I will provide insight on how local ethnic minorities have carried their love of the support all the way to the the U.S., and how U.S. soccer supporter groups help promote the sport of soccer and even organize charitable and philanthropic events. Interviews and photos will consist of the most important individuals behind the stories, the fans. Who they are, and why soccer is so important to them.


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